Q & A

Advice for Operators

Key Messages

- Metaldehyde from slug pellets is being found in river water

- It is a pesticide and use could be restricted

- You can and must prevent this

- Metaldehyde is washed from wet and dry process pellets through the soil into the field drains which flow into watercourses

- Always apply minimum amount of active/ha to avoid drainage and run off losses

 - Do not apply if soils are near to field capacity and drains are likely to flow

Why is This Happening?

- Slug pellets are sometimes being applied too close to watercourses

- Spillages are sometimes not being cleared up properly

- Poor practice when cleaning application machinery

How Can I Make a Difference?

- Treat slug pellets as pesticides

- Don't apply too close to ditches/water courses etc

- Clean up spills

- Fill up and clean machinery in the field

- Dispose of waste pellets safely