Beware annual metaldehyde limit

Growers and operators are being reminded that metaldehyde based slug pellets applied to spring-sown crops will count towards the maximum calendar year dose allowance.

Dr Paul Fogg, of the Metaldehyde Stewardship Group (MSG), notes that with a total statutory amount of 700g/ha of metaldehyde allowable from January through to December, any spring treatments that have been applied so far this year will reduce how much more of the active can be used in the autumn.

“There is also a season maximum, introduced under the MSG guidelines of 210g/ha (or 160g/ha on BASIS qualified advice) between 1 August and 31 December.”

Paul adds that spring cropping is up on previous years after winter planting saw a drop of 19%. “There has understandably been the need to protect these crops as wet weather and slug pressure continued through the early part of this year, but it’s important to remember that the annual metaldehyde limit, that’s also a statutory label requirement, relates to a calendar year, not a cropping year. It’s vital that the total annual dose is not exceeded.

“2013 will be an important year for metaldehyde after the water exceedances last year. Never has it been more important to ‘Get Pelletwise’,” he adds.


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