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New Metaldehyde Guidelines for 2010 10/05/40 Metaldehyde Stewardship Best Practice for 2010 •... More
Slug Pelleting - Keep it Legal 22/10/10 “It has been said before, but the very nature... More
Helping hand to keep applications Pelletwise 05/10/10 Providing a simple and convenient way to keep within... More
NFU gets behind MSG campaign 24/08/10 At a recent briefing to the farming press at their... More
Changes to PA training for pelleting operator 03/08/10 The City & Guilds Land Based Services has announced... More
700g Metaldehyde Now Legal Max 21/07/10 The CRD (Chemicals Regulation Directorate) have, for... More
Minimising drainage losses to keep Metaldehyd 01/07/10 Keeping metaldehyde out of surface water to prevent... More
Cereals 2010 Official Guide 28/05/10 Head to the Pelleting arena and earn points. Visitors... More
PA4S Training Dates Announced 11/11/09 The official new seminars offer the chance to improve... More
Get trained, Get legal, Get Pelletwise! 11/11/09 There is an urgent need to get more slug pelleting... More
Call for the Amenity Sector 09/11/09 A campaign highlighting the risks associated with the... More
Slugs Lie in Wait for Wet Weather 01/10/09 Growers are being warned to be extra vigilant and at... More
The case for marginal slug control 14/09/09 Research conducted at the beginning of this year revealed... More
Have you Got Pelletwise? 14/09/09 After all the build-up to the metaldehyde Get Pelletwise... More
Slug pelleting prioritised for weather window 14/09/09 Dodging showers and prioritising field operations have... More
Soil condition can increase metaldehyde risk 14/09/09 To date the industry ‘GetPelletwise’ campaign... More
Beware Annual Metaldehyde Limits 22/07/09 Growers planning to follow potato crops with winter... More
Spreader testing to be introduced 10/06/09 The National Sprayer Testing Scheme (NSTS) is to be... More
Slug pelleting gaps in PA certification addre 10/06/09 Gaps in current PA certification are being addressed... More
Major New Pellets and Pelleting Arena at Cere 03/06/09 Cereals 2009 – at Vine Farm, nr Royston on June... More
Claim more CPD points from Cereals 2009 29/05/09 BASIS and NroSO professional development points will... More
Slug Control dose limits proposed 12/02/09 Manufacturers of metaldehyde slug pellets have put... More
Autumn deadline for metaldehyde action 12/02/09 A timeframe of between now and this autumn has been... More
Calls to Get Pelletwise 12/02/09 A new website aimed at all... More
Raising Slug Pelleting Standards 18/11/08 As oilseed rape stubbles receive the first of the season’s... More
Keeping Slug Pellets Out of Water is an Iss 18/11/08 The wet summer has resulted in farmers facing a significant... More
Recognition for Slug Pellets as Pesticides 17/11/08 Recognition for Slug Pellets as Pesticides Getting... More
Calls for Slug Pellet Stewardship 13/06/08 Urging farmers to handle and apply slug pellets in... More

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