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This Autumn key to metaldehyde’s future 28/09/16 Slug pellet application decisions made now, will influence... More
Farm-level measures under the spotlight 09/09/16 Water companies are required to report on the progress... More
Prepare for high slug pressure this autumn 09/09/16 Growers and operators are being urged to prepare for... More
Water companies call for agronomist support 17/06/16 Crop advisers from across the UK are being urged by... More
Get slug pellet applicators tested 17/06/16 This year’s Cereals event, saw farmers and contractors... More
Pilot Project Update 12/06/15 The industry-wide collaboration to investigate whether... More
Agronomists to support water companies 12/06/15 Crop advisers from the across the UK are being approached... More
Follow the Cereals 'Slug Trail' this year 19/05/15 A total of six NRoSO and three BASIS points are available... More
Caution urged with metaldehyde 31/10/14 Farmers looking either to apply metaldehyde slug pellets... More
Think soil, slope, stream this autumn 09/09/14 With current high slug pressure and the autumn restriction... More
Appeal to adhere to metaldehyde stewardship 25/07/14 An appeal to farmers to take metaldehyde stewardship... More
United approach on water and crop protection 11/06/14 Inviting closer collaboration with farmers, the water... More
Water companies join the Cereals 2014 line-up 08/04/14 The UK’s water companies have joined forces to... More
Highest risk fields targeted 20/02/14 An industry-wide collaborative initiative is assessing... More
Targeted metaldehyde advice issued 04/10/13 The Metaldehyde Stewardship Group’s targeted... More
Letters issued to farmers 19/09/13 As part of the campaign to more specifically target... More
Buffer zones are not the whole solution 16/09/13 The role of drain flow as the primary means of pesticides... More
Kill slugs not metaldehyde 13/08/13 The Metaldehyde Stewardship Group (MSG) is pre-empting... More
Beware annual metaldehyde limit 01/07/13 Growers and operators are being reminded that metaldehyde... More
Extreme caution urged with metaldehyde 01/11/12 The Metaldehyde Stewardship Group (MSG) has again stepped-up... More
Slugs keep pressure on crops and metaldehyde 23/10/12 Extreme slug pressure and continuing wet conditions... More
Restriction period for metaldehyde begins 30/07/12 With the 1 August marking the start of the 2012 autumn... More
Metaldehyde stewardship first real test 23/07/12 Metaldehyde stewardship measures face first real test The... More
New slug pellet stewardship literature launch 14/06/12 A comprehensive new 8-page guide to metaldehyde slug... More
Wet weather heightens slug risk in potatoes 22/05/12 Following the recent extreme rainfall across parts... More
Are you prepared for higher slug pressure? 04/05/12 Keeping metaldehyde out of surface water has been a... More
Machinery settings poster now available 15/09/11 With the main autumn slug pelleting season underway... More
Metaldehyde restriction period begins 11/08/11 The Metaldehyde Stewardship Group (MSG) is reminding... More
Pelleting Precision - Spread, bout and dose 20/06/11 A top three of practical pointers relating to spread... More
Pelleting Precision - Cereals 2011 31/05/11 As the cloud over metaldehyde continues to linger,... More

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