Machinery Settings

The spreader setting examples to be within metaldehyde guidelines are based on operating a forward speed of 12 km/hr

Click on the list below to display the settings or applicators
fitted to quad bikes. Treatments can also be made using
fertiliser applicators (check manufacturer’s instructions).

Click here to download the full machinery settings poster.

These settings are a guide. Calibration should be checked for
specialist spreader testing companies

See links for manufacturers

  % metaldehyde
  g metaldehyde/ha
Spreader type Setting
E & P TFL 100p Motor speed
Rate setting
Stock Fanjet
Pro 65
Motor speed
Rate setting
KRM ZS 200 Motor speed
Rate setting
Vane position
E & P TFL 80p Motor speed
Rate setting
Pesta H/Lynx H/Osarex
5kg/ha 6kg/ha
150 180
12m 12m
5 min 5 min
7 7
4 4.5
3 3
90 90
3.5 4
1000 1000
7 7
11 12
3,4,5 3,4,5