Dose Rate Calculator 1st Aug to 31st Dec

Pelleting precision guidelines

The maximum application rate 210g metaldehyde a.s./ha. For the additional protection of water, suppliers/BASIS advisers may recommend rates reduced to 160g metaldehyde a.s./ha or less (from any combination of metaldehyde products). 

To stay within the maximum MSG rates it is important to vary the rate according to % of the chosen metaldehyde product. The tables below help to make the maximum dose rates more meaningful to operators using different % metaldehyde products.

Please note a six metre no spread zone must be employed adjacent to watercourses.

Metaldehyde dose rates

Using a typical 5kg/ha spreading rate, the dose of metaldehyde applied will vary according to a product's %:

Product %
Grams of
4% 200g
3% 150g
1.5% 75g

Maximum kg/ha of product

Using the tables below, or the dose rate calculator above, operators can work out the maximum kg/ha of products that can be applied during the restriction period and within the calendar year.

1st August - 31st December
210g 4 kg/ha 5 kg/ha 7 kg/ha 14 kg/ha
160g 3 kg/ha 4 kg/ha 5 kg/ha 10 kg/ha
Maximum kg/ha of product per calendar year*
14kg/ha 17kg/ha 23kg/ha 46kg/ha


* To stay within 700g metaldehyde maximum per year

Maximum dose rates relate to Metaldehyde Stewardship Group Best Practice Guidelines