Pilot projects

Industry collaboration is key to further developing the metaldehyde strategy going forwards as pressure steps up to comply with the Water Framework Directive, and need to address the widespread extent and level of exceedances in the UK.

A phased introduction of more stringent measures on the use of metaldehyde is envisaged, and it depends on the agriculture, water, environment and regulatory organisations working together.

Two selected pilot catchments represent the first phase of measures where ZERO metaldehyde is advocated on the identified, ‘high risk’* fields (all year round). The pilot areas concerned are shown in the maps below. 

*As mapped by the water companies and identified as ‘high risk’ based on factors including the land type, topography and vicinity to a watercourse.


Avon & Leam catchment map                           

Mimmshall Brook catchment map

Click here to download the catchment map

Click here to download the catchment map

One more catchment has also been piloted.

 Pincey Brook catchment map                      


 Click here to download the catchment map





Pilot project contacts

Paul Fogg

Simon McMunn